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Founded in 2015, Wholepower Biotechnology Co., Ltd has developed into a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, and marketing. It is one of the medical companies invested by Huayin Capital. We have integrated the three technology platforms of immunity, biochemistry, and molecular, act as one of the top 5 Independent Clinical Laboratory groups in China. Our products are used and shared every day in our own nearly 2,000 Independent Clinical Laboratories in most part of China mainland. We have sufficient product performance experience and optimize conditions, and we also share our approved laboratory consumables and services with our customers. We fully integrate our three technology platforms: biochemical, immunology and molecular, and our products are developed based on these three types of technology platforms, optimization, and production, forming more than 700 product varieties in 20 categories.

The sales platform of www.buypoct.com is endorsed by Wholepoer Biotech Co., Ltd. You can rest assured that every order of yours is manufactured and served by us as an excellent professional enterprise. You are not purchasing from a purely commercial platform., but from an actual production enterprise. Based on our experience and lessons and actual feelings accumulated during the outbreak of the new coronavirus, we deeply feel that connecting our global partners, the service providers and the users of our products is so important which can compare to saving lives…  We accepted their suggestions and presented our product line directly in front of our partners for everyone to choose and purchase directly, using a more direct and convenient way. Here we guarantee online purchasing you will enjoy our warm, responsible, and timely service as always as you have off-line.
All your payment for goods will be paid directly to our company bank account. Among our customers, our established customers with great credit which generated in the foregoing business will continue to enjoy the cash on delivery service and even the open account payment service provided by us. You can directly choose cash on delivery in the order payment option.  

We welcome global partners to join our distribution system, making the users enjoy our high-quality products at the lowest cost and share our seriousness, joy and enthusiasm with everyone we know from the business, and we also welcome you to share yours with us of your great brands, we will display it in front of people in the form of products bearing your brands, to help your dream come true.

We welcome you to share your shopping experience and product experience with us, so that we can better improve our service and workflow. We also welcome you to visit our 3 production bases in Guangdong Province, southern China at your convenient time.

Please start your pleasant product selection experience now.